Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do you have Peace? "Peace Within my Soul" Inspirational Poem - Dale Birdsong ~ In loving memory.

This is a new piece of poetry titled “Peace Within my Soul”. It was written in memory of a friend who recently passed away. She was battling cancer; yet in the midst of her battle she remained joyous, happy and she had the peace of God. The Lord desires for all of us to have peace in this world so full of uncertainty and unrest at times. Do you have that peace today? Jesus is our Perfect Peace. If you like it please forward on.

Into the depths of my soul I feel your presence
It’s a feeling of peace that only comes from within
I know that you are with me wherever I go
I’m standing on top of a mountain in the greatness of your beauty, to wonderful to behold.
Your grace is sufficient, your mercy endures.
I feel your peace within my soul
I feel as if I can carry the weight of a thousand years on my shoulders
Glory to God, I don’t have to.
The weight was carried over two thousand years ago by the one that none can compare to.
In Him alone perfection came.
He is our perfect peace
From within my soul to the gates of Heaven
I feel a peace like never before
Thank you God, My Holy, magnificent and majestic Lord and Savior
What more can I ask for?
You are everything.
I found my resting place in you.
Your burden is light; your yoke is easy
Take these cares, for I freely give them to you
I have the peace of God
No more worries, no more sorrows,
Peace is within my soul

©Dale Birdsong ~