Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How single mom of three kept her house out of foreclosure & received a reduced payment while unemployed

Learn how to keep your house out of foreclosure and get a reduce mortgage in recession.  Sound biblical principals that worked for this single laid off corporate mom.

How does this story begin?  Like any other person in America, I suppose.  I graduated from college many years ago, landed dream jobs, (ok just kidding).  They weren’t dream jobs, but they were good jobs with good pay and people that I loved working with.  Yes there was drama, fatigue, the normal stuff you go through on some jobs, but there was also freedom, honesty, favor and also a lot of spiritual war fare.  However, through it all God took care of me.

Twenty-five years later, I got the pink slip or so to say from Corporate America, but not from God.  My work for the Lord is evolving in ways I could have never imagined. I’m now a Reverend.  I’m happier than I have ever been pursuing my passion with the Lord at the helm of my ship. 

Are you unemployed now?  What are your ambitions?  How long have you been working?  Are you a recent college graduate?  Are you use to the six figure income and are now being offered commission jobs, or lower wages for your experience?  Does it seem as if the world has gone mad?  

Sometimes, I feel as if the world has gone mad.  I see so many lower paying jobs, yet for some reason the cost of living continues to rise.  Go figure.  What is this all about?   

What are you doing to keep your head above water or so to say in this day and age?

 Sign on to my website at www.anointedgifts.net and find out how this single mom of three tall giant sons kept her house out of foreclosure and received a reduced mortgage while unemployed.  Glory to God!   

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mother's Love Radio TalkShow, Atlanta Live, Powersuccessmagazine ~Does God Fail~


Please click on the following link for a live radio show today with Mother Love, @ www.latalkradio.com at 2 PM with Dale Birdsong.

Get a FREE copy of my new ebook Financial Survival Tips in Recession~ or an inspirational bookmark. If you miss the show today, it will be available to listen to by going to the above website and clicking on the September 21, 2011, Mother Love Show.

Also appearing on Atlanta Live in Atlanta Georgia on October 21, 2011, and currently spotlighted in the Power Success Magazine September Issue for Business.

http://successandpowermagazine.org/September2011 Page 56. This is a powerful and anointed new magazine that will truly bless anyone that reads it.

Ordination services will be held on Friday, September 23, 2011 at my church, Leaves of Healing, 9420 Lurline Ave, Chatsworth, CA at 7:30 PM ministered by Pastor Lorraine Coconato. God has truly blessed me with my church family. I’m so thankful for my pastor, family, friends, past and present coworkers. I am a blessed woman. Glory to God. I’m excited about the Lord. He is truly amazing, wonderful, glorious, beautiful, merciful, forgiving, loyal, faithful, loving, and the list goes on and on. There will never be enough words to describe our God.

I shared a part of my testimony of how God has met all of my needs during this period of transition. I thank God for the opportunity to glorify Him. This isn’t about me. It never was. Trials and tribulations are for the glory of God. It’s how we go through. I’m far from perfect. I need God every second of the day and I’m not afraid to let the whole world know that. I call on Him and He never fails to answer. He hears our prayers. He is a loving and forgiving God. We make choices everyday. I choose to serve the Lord. I wouldn’t have it any other way. To God be the glory for ever and ever. All things are possible to those that have faith to believe that God is God. With God all things are possible. “Matthew 19:26”. Trust, Obey and keep the faith. GOD DOES NOT FAIL.

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Thanks for your prayers and support.

With much love.


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