Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love is the answer; forgive and live today.

I mention in my last blog that my website was hacked.  Praise God that He always has a ram in the bush.  My site was back up and running in less than two days thanks to a college friend of mine at Solutions by O.G. Brown.  He owns this business and is a business genius.  They do websites, quickbooks, quicken, fix computer problems which includes building and diagnosing problems such as virus, harddrive crashes, hacker issues, etc.,  He is also an excellent photographer who works in the Dallas Forthworth, TX area.  His website is   Praise God for friendship.   What Satan meant for evil, God worked it for good.  Glory to God in the highest. 

If I didn't know the Lord, I would have been really mad at that guy or who ever they were.  When I think about how much God has forgiven me over and over again, how can I not forgive?  Life is too short to  be angry or bitter.  God sees everything.  He is our source. 

I pray for people who seek to destroy others through hatred and violence. May they come to understand that love covers a multitude of sins and that hatred is a tool used by the devil to keep us apart. A house divided can't stand. Together we can move mountains.  1 Peter 4:8  "And above all things have fervent love for one another, for “love will cover a multitude of sins."
Are you ready to move some mountains today?  Is it hard for you to forgive? 

Today is a new beginning.  It starts with you.  Forgive and live today.  

God bless.

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  1. It's not as easy to forgive as you make it sound. People make me so mad sometimes and I have a temper. I would like to hear more from about this. How do you forgive? I don't like posting my email. I will send you an email with my info. Thanks for posting.

    By the way you are really pretty. Are you married?

    S. Hill