Thursday, February 14, 2013

Never More, " Poetry for the soul" Happy Valentines Day

"Relationships between men and women often end in misunderstandings that could have so easily been fixed, if only they had taken the time to stop, listen, and understand each other.  That's what this piece is about."  It's a little different from how I usually write, however, the message is take time to stop and invite God in. It ends with the true Love Video on You tube.  .. " Let's not forget the greatest love of all."  John 3:16"  Have a blessed Valentines Day.

If I were an eagle, I would swoop down, pick you up in my beak and take you to a place
Where we could meet face to face
Lay your head on my bosom, while rubbing my fingers gently through your hair
I would allow you to speak your thoughts as I listened to let you know that I was there
As you spoke, I came to understand
That you are a man, A King in the making
Strong you stand
I need to understand that you are a man
Desiring that your woman seek to understand
Respect and honor is what you seek
If only your woman, could be humble enough to meet
I’m a woman trying to trust guided by emotions
That sways in and out until dust
As a woman my heart yearns for your love
Like on the wings of a dove
Yet I must understand that you are a man
Guided by your thoughts
Thoughts to do good,
Yet your woman doesn’t act the way she should
As an eagle I’m free to be me
As a woman I hold you in my arms, caressing you admonishing that I do understand
Yet as a woman my heart, soul and body yearns for the heart, body and soul of my man
Oh how I pray that we can find our way back to that place where peace and trinity reside
It wasn’t too long ago, that I was by your side eating ice cream, sharing dreams
As an eagle I soar away to face another day
As I leave, my caress of softness touches you beneath your heart
It releases the breath of life, prays for forgiveness of strife
Assuring that in spite of everything,
You hold the string
To my heart.
How I pray we can have a fresh start.
Never more shall my heart sway
Should you come my way
Whatever the morning brings, the eagle soars into the night.
Let tomorrow, should it come, be bright.
  © Dale Birdsong 

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