Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trusting in the midst of disappointment.

Have you ever been disappointed when you prayed according to God's will and what you prayed for didn't come through?  Well that happened to me recently. I even had one of the Elders pray with me, yet what I prayed for didn't come through. I must tell you I was truly disappointed for a moment or two. 

How do we handle disappointment?  Do we praise God through the disappointment trusting that He knows best?  Do we complain, get upset, cry, stomp, ask why me?  How do you handle your disappointment especially when you feel it was something that was needed in your life at that moment?  I can't speak for the rest of you but as I let go of the initial disappointment, I began to think about my life and everything that God has done for me over the years. God has never disappointed me. He has always provided for me and my family.  I began to praise God for His goodness, mercy and grace. I thanked Him for hearing my prayer and answering it according to His will and not my own. God knows why my request didn't go through. I know to trust Him and not worry about why it wasn't answered.  My trust is in God and not in the things of man. I know that God has me and will never let me go. I will keep my eyes on Him in spite of what I see because He loves me. He desires the best for me and I know by faith that with Him I will always have the best.  Stay encouraged and don't loose site of God.  He always comes through. 

I am going to send you a love letter from God, under separate cover.  It was sent to me by Mama Velma.  There are scripture references for every blessing that God has for us.
It is a beautiful letter.

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