Monday, May 31, 2010



Greetings, I pray all is well with you today.

I took a drive with a friend along pacific coast highway over the weekend.  The scenery of the mountains, the rocks, the hills and the magnificent view of the ocean was so beautiful. How can anyone believe that God doesn’t exist? He is everywhere. Take time to enjoy life, friends, family and God’s creation. Take time to be appreciative.

God is so good and merciful. We are so blessed. I have no complaints. Don’t get me wrong I could easily complain, but I don’t want to. I desire to be thankful and make the best of what God has given to me. With God all things are possible. If improvement is needed in our lives, then do it.

What makes one person weak and another person strong? God gave all of us choices. Our circumstances aren’t always the same. Many of us look at our circumstances and get discouraged; whereas, others may look at their circumstances and use them to become stronger. It’s about the choices we make.

God gave everyone free will. He doesn’t impose himself on us. He allows us to choose for ourselves. We can accept defeat or rise above it. The choice is ours. We can choose to stay where we are in life or move forward to something better. As sure as the ocean is deep is as sure as God’s word is real. After all, He created the ocean.

I choose to trust God in all things. I choose His will and not my own even if that means letting go of things I love. God is the captain of my ship, the driver of my vehicle, the paint brush of my canvas, the beginning of my end, the end of my beginning, the author and finisher of my faith. In other words, He is my everything. In whom do I fear?

I trust God. I know He will never let me down. He won’t let you down either. Let His will be done, not my own.

Appreciate His goodness, mercy and Grace. His mercy endures. His grace is sufficient.

Have a blessed week.

Listed below is one of my poems titled “Everywhere I look”. I hope you enjoy it.

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