Monday, May 31, 2010

Everywhere I look


Everywhere I look I see the beauty of God.  The mountains call his name; they are formed to the perfection of His being.  The ocean that never ends is created in His infirmity.  The universe speaks His name, Jehovah Shalom; God of Peace is He.

Man in all his wisdom can never create what God has ordained from the beginning of time, from whence our creator stepped out unto a darkness all about and spoke to the darkness and the darkness became Light.  ‘Let there be light,” He said and the darkness became light.

How powerful is our almighty God that only He could stoop down and pick up dust and blow unto that dust and that dust became a living soul. 

From that living soul, He took a rib and with that rib He made another living soul.

With all His Glory surrounding Him, He with His tender mercy gave those Living souls free will. He gave them the opportunity to think, breathe and Make free decisions.  …HOW HUMBLE IS OUR GOD…

Everywhere I look I see His wonderful Hand. I look to the East and I see the Stars. I look to the West and I feel the wind. I look to the North and I see The moon. I look to the South and I feel the sun. The warmth of God Surrounds me.  He is within my very soul.

As I feel the Holy Spirit leading me all the way I know without a doubt that God is real.  His Mercy is everlasting. His Grace is sufficient. His Glory is magnificent.

He sits up high and looks down low. Nothing escapes His Eye. I shall Continue to look to the hills from whence comes my help. My help comes From the Lord. I shall continue to acknowledge the Lord in all that I do and He will direct my path.

My God you have created me in your wisdom. You breathed life into my Soul. I shall continually praise your name through all eternity. Your Greatness is seen everywhere.  Your love never ends. It is forever. 

Everywhere I look I know you are there!

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