Sunday, October 17, 2010

Improv "Blind Date" Don't Settle for Less "


I don’t have to settle for less.
Because God wants to give me His best.

In God’s house there ain’t no shortage.
He will abundantly supply.
There is no lack.
So I don’t have to go back.

I don’t have to look through the garbage cans searching for a man.
Or break the Covenant rule.
Taking another’s woman’s husband as my tool.
When I get lonely, I know I’m never alone.
Because I have a wonderful God,
Who will never forsake or leave me.
That’s why I stay on my knees praying to God above,
To send me my true love.

Nothing is impossible for God.
I will never have to rob the garbage cans for yesterday’s left over’s.
I don’t have to stand in heartbreak’s sea or waddle in
Disappointment’s waters because I didn’t give my body and soul
For a story that can never be told.

If I wait on God with perseverance,
I will become the woman God has ordained me to be.
He will send me a man that He has prepared for me.

A man that has a heart after Him
That is gentle to the touch and knows how to love me
Because He loved God first.

So you see, we don’t have to settle for less.
In time if we wait God will give us His best.


  1. I agree that our most important relationship is with the Lord first. Everything else will fall into place after that.

  2. "I love your SKITS! You are funny! Let God continue to use you! By the way, I am 5'9 3/4. :)"