Friday, July 2, 2010

War is Hell ~ Pray for our Soldiers ~

As we get ready to celebrate July 4th, let’s not forget to pray for all the wonderful men and women who are fighting for our country. There isn't anything beautiful about war.  Please keep their families and love ones in prayer as well.

Jesus Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Listed below is one of my poems titled "War is Hell." When the Holy Spirit gave me this poem a few years ago, the tears streamed down my face. We are so blessed. Let's not take our blessings for granted. If you are fortunate enough to have your family members home or away at college, etc., praise God. However, there are many of our fellow country men and women whose families are away fighting a war. We need to remember them in our prayers. Prayer is the only thing that changes anything. God hears our prayers.


As I write this poem, a man is giving his life.
As I write this poem, a woman is in labor giving birth to a child wishing her husband was there to share in the gift of this new life.

As I write these words, a husband is in a trench, thinking about his wife who
is giving birth, not knowing the hour, nor time of the arrival of the life he helped create.

He is in a war fighting for our country, so we can continue with our freedom,

One such freedom, writing.

Yet his wife, who needs him ever so much
Can only think about his yesterday touch.

As the baby comes out of her womb into this new world with a little spank, his eyes open.

He lets out a little cry, as he is laid on his mother’s bosom.

His Father let’s out a sigh, as his spirit feels a new life arrive;
A life that he may or may not see.

He takes out a picture of his wife,
As a road bomb takes another life.

With tears of sadness in his eyes the picture falls from his hands covered by the ashes.

Never will this newborn child see his daddy’s face.

He will only have the stories that his mother will tell.


Many are the lives given as we continue with our parties and plays.

No man knows the time or the hour.

We need to be ready.

The day is coming, when the ONE LIFE GIVEN will return.



Author: Dale Birdsong

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